What is CHRIS BEARDSLEY'S mentorship COURSE?

A unique opportunity to work directly with Chris. Learn how to use physiology to maximize the results you can achieve with your strength training programs.


What is included?

The mentorship course involves a 1-to-1 Skype video call with Chris Beardsley every week, for 10–12 weeks. Each call lasts 1 hour in length. After signing up, you will be a sent a link by email so that you can book your first call directly into an online calendar at a time that is mutually convenient for you and for Chris. After making payment, you can book any or all of the calls for the entire course in the same calendar if you wish.

You may record each call with the in-built Skype recording function. This is very much recommended because it means that you can review the material again following each call and think of any additional questions to ask in the following session. The recording of calls using any other software is not permitted.

Each Skype video call covers a specific set of physiological topics that build on each other over time. By the end of the course, you will have a clear understanding about how all of the important areas of physiology affect how we can write strength training programs for any particular goal.

To see the costs and availability, please scroll down to the end of the page.


The mentorship covers the adaptations that occur after strength training over ten modules. Please note that there are two options for the mentorship course material: [1] athletic performance, and [2] hypertrophy. You can choose which suits you best.

The athletic performance course material is as follows:

  1. Mechanisms of maximum strength and speed
  2. Passive mechanical tension and eccentric strength
  3. Fatigue during exercise (which affects adaptations)
  4. Fatigue after exercise (which affects recovery)
  5. Athletic movements (sprinting, jumping, and throwing)
  6. Stretch-shortening cycle, tendons, and plyometrics
  7. Principles of exercise selection for sport
  8. Programming workouts, potentiation, and coaching cues
  9. Training frequency and the volume dose-response
  10. Concurent training and periodization


The hypertrophy course material is as follows:

  1. Mechanisms of maximum strength (including hypertrophy)
  2. Stretch-mediated hypertrophy
  3. Fatigue during exercise (which affects hypertrophy)
  4. Fatigue after exercise (which affects recovery)
  5. Principles of exercise selection for bodybuilding
  6. Muscle-specific exercise selection for bodybuilding
  7. Stimulating rep theory and its development
  8. Programming workouts, potentiation, and coaching cues
  9. Training frequency and the volume dose-response
  10. Concurrent training, periodization, and the advanced lifter
If you would like to do both courses, please let me know and I can construct a plan that will cover all of the available material with a slightly larger number of modules.


The fitness industry is chock full of experts who are (usually) well-credentialed, very well-intentioned, and at least relatively well-read in their chosen area. So why would you want to work with me, rather than with anyone else?

Simply put, because I have been able to connect basic muscle physiology with the practice of strength training, and I have built basic frameworks or models of how strength training adaptations happen. Nobody else has been able to do this. Moreover, my models have proven to be extremely predictive of what researchers find after they perform long-term training studies.

In my first book Strength is Specific, I put forward a clear framework to explain how strength training transfers to sport, based on the various adaptations that are stimulated to occur after each type of strength training. While published many years ago, this work has stood the test of time and is still perfectly applicable today.

And in my second book Hypertrophy, I put forward a radically new explanation for how muscle growth is stimulated solely as a result of the magnitude of mechanical tension that is experienced by the muscle fibers within a muscle, where the number of stimulated muscle fibers is determined by the level of motor unit recruitment, and the amount of mechanical tension is determined by muscle physiology (including the force-velocity relationship and the length-tension relationship).

While I have since refined the model put forward in the book to take into account the various types of fatigue and the principle of neuromechanical matching, it is still the best framework for explaining how hypertrophy works that is available today.


All of these discoveries have come about from my very extensive reading of the sports science literature, and subsequently fitting together areas of research that had previously not been connected.

Working with somebody else will make you an expert in their area of research, or their method of coaching athletes. Working with me will help you to understand exactly how strength training really works.

But don't take my word for it!

Well, please do take my word for it, but also please read the testimonials below, which I have been sent by the previous participants in my mentorship programs. Reading them, I am always greatly encouraged and honored to think that I have made such a valuable impact on so many people.

What do previous participants say about it?

Feedback about my mentorship program has been very positive! Here are a number of testimonials that I have received over the last couple of years.


One of the most valuable investments of my career as a coach!

I have been an avid follower of Chris Beardsley’s work for some time now, and also purchased his two books as soon as they were published. I was happy to see him offer a mentorship program and signed up to it as soon as it opened. After having completed it, I can now say that it has been one the most valuable investments of my career as a coach and strength training professional.

I am quite fond of the underlying physiology even though I’m always looking for practical applications of it - and well, with Chris you get both perspectives. He has been able to map out and elucidate mechanisms, and even correct some that has been misunderstood for decades, and formed a comprehensive model that will basically complete the puzzle for you. My understanding and application of strength training science and physiology has been taken to another level during these few weeks, and I can wholeheartedly recommend this! – Borge Fagerli, Coach, Mentor and Teacher, Inventor of Myo-reps training (by email 24 March, 2022)


This course is honestly the best investment I could have ever have made!

I have learned more from Chris mentorship program than all the years I had from the official fitness world education combined. Chris has an amazingly objective, rational and very scientific approach to biomechanics and exercise science. Even though the information was very technical, Chris had all the patience in the world to explain to me with examples everything he was teaching so I didn’t feel intimidated. Chris more than a teacher, he is a master of his craft. He is so ahead of the game that you should be prepared to have all your stereotypes broken down into pieces because he definitely challenges the old and archaic status quo of the fitness world with tangible proof. So get ready and fasten your seat-belts because Chris will take you on a ride.

I can’t thank him enough for making me challenge my beliefs regarding exercise science and making me think rationally and without so much emotion. The results? All my students are making progress in record time and I couldn’t be happier. The investment for this new knowledge is priceless and knowledge with action is incredibly powerful. This course is honestly the best investment I could have ever have made. Chris is also very passionate about his craft which makes the sessions fun and they go by so quick you wish he could stay longer.

Even though I’m sad that my mentorship is over, I’m glad I gained a new level of confidence thanks to him. My advice for all of you who are reading this testimonial is to go get this program now before it is gone! People like Chris are rare in this world and his sessions more than just a class, they are beautiful conversation that which will leave you enriched forever. Humberto Ponce, High Intensity Coach (by email, 1 August 2022)


Easily one of the best educational materials available!
Chris’s mentorship is extremely insightful and valuable. The ground covered is highly technical and allowed me to take my understanding and practice to the next level. It is easily one of the best educational materials available. Chris is a great teacher and delivers his knowledge of the relevant scientific literature in an incredibly efficient manner. He’s also super friendly as a person which makes the experience all the more enjoyable. I cannot recommend his mentorship enough to anyone wanting to improve their knowledge of strength training and the adaptations it induces, especially hypertrophy.  It was the best investment I made in my education and I would do it again without a doubt. – Nils Desombre (by email, 20 March 2023)


What I experienced was a true mentorship!

What I experienced during my 10 lessons with Chris was a true Mentorship. In the world full of misinformation, biases and reductionism, it is very difficult to establish a solid foundation of theoretical and practical knowledge, especially as someone who is a massive overthinker.

The lessons are created in a very logical order. What's fascinating is how well all the concepts are linked together and presented in an organized way. What I really respect is the fact that anytime there was any section where Chris stated his opinion, he made a very clear disclaimer before it.

Another thing worth mentioning is that Chris is a very friendly person. He was answering all my questions that many times could be annoying. Yet he never once dismissed my question and was always approaching it with a clear intention to help me understand. Given how many of them were related to my niche area of interest and expertise, I appreciate it that much more.

Thanks to the teachings of Chris I understood many previously unclear concepts and in result became a better coach and educator. Can't recommend it enough to people fascinated by strength training! – Eric (Frinksmovement) (by email, 25 September 2022)


I won't ever be able to write a testimonial that will justify my appreciation

I have just finished my mentorship course, and as I told Chris, I won't ever be able to write a testimonial that will justify my level of appreciation for this course. Chris' knowledge and his way of communicating it, are unparalleled in this industry (from my experience), and the best thing is, that I think he's just as great of a person as an educator (which says a lot). If you read this and want to get a step closer to the highest level of strength training knowledge, I don't think there's a better place to expand it than with Chris in his 1:1 talks on this course. So if you get the chance, don't hesitate. Victor Faarup, Denmark (by email, 6 May, 2o22)


Brilliantly unveils the latest research, making it into casual conversation!

The mentorship was such an extraordinary experience where I got to have chats with one of the world’s Strength & Conditioning authorities one-on-one through online! Not only am I thankful for living in such a high-tech era for this rare opportunity but also really thankful for Chris’ willingness to share the scientific knowledge with us. As most of us know, the fitness industry is full of misleading, confusing, and incomplete information. What Chris does brilliantly is unveil all of these topics with the latest research and make it into easy, casual conversation. I enjoyed so much that it felt as if I was a kid in a candy store! Whether you are a strength & conditioning coach, physio, personal trainer, or someone who is simply interested in physical fitness, I feel the information provided is applicable to anyone – Shin (by Patreon message, 11 June, 2022).


The quality of my work both professionally and academically have risen!

I'm a long time admirer of Chris's work from over the years. I've always wanted to get some sort of 1-1/webinar series from him, when I heard he was doing these mentorships again? I didn't have to think twice! The quality of my work both professionally and academically have risen, all thanks to Chris and the learning environment he creates from the layout of the modules to the way they're delivered, his outlook to the physiology behind S&C will change the way you think about training from how it is programmed to debunking old theories, giving a clear and concise rationale to why everything may not be as it seems using a evidence based approach. Thanks again Chris, a true gent and a scholar! – Shane Malone (by email 24 March, 2022)


I can strongly recommend this course

As an avid strength training practitioner, as well as a Personal Trainer & Teacher with +10 years of experience, I can strongly recommend this course - it will help you obtain a much deeper understanding of the underlying mechanisms of strength and hypertrophy so you can implement better programs for your clients and yourself. – Luis (by Patreon direct message 31 March, 2022)

A one-of-a-kind mentorship!

I have had many learning experiences in my time but Chris's mentorship is truly one of a kind. Chris delivers the topics in a very engaging and easy to understand manner, his teaching style kept me glued to the screen for all of our Skype calls!

The information Chris covers is simply invaluable for anyone interested in strength and conditioning, not just in a theoretical and conceptual manner, but also in relation to its practical application. You will understand the whats, whys and hows of in-depth topics that Chris delivers with his very absorbable teaching methods. – Cameron Lodge (by email, October 30, 2019)


Best money I have spent in a long time

These days, I'm happy if I come away from a training course having learned two or three new things. With Chris's mentorship program, I learned more than this every session. Not only are you learning the latest research from a guy who is at the forefront of the industry, but it is exceptionally cost-effective, no time-off work, flights, hotels, being away from the family etc. When looking at a ROI this has to be as good as anything out there.

Not only did I learn new subject material, but also when speaking to Chris I was able to get confirmation that the way I was approaching training and conclusions that I had come to were correct, much of which I had put together myself. I would highly recommend this mentorship program to anyone that wants to gain knowledge and improve how they train both athletes and non-athletes. – Yas Parr (by email, 9 November, 2019)


You get a lot of education for your money, and it is fun too!

Chris has put together an truly staggering amount of information in a systematic format that is both understandable and digestible. I've learned more from him than I did in several degree programs ranging over five and half years at university. Not only is his information useful in terms of theoretical frameworks for decision-making but also specific to mechanisms for actual results.

On top of all of the above, speaking with him over Skype is a real joy as he is a wonderful communicator who takes his role as educator both professionally and with a good dose of humor. – Kyle (by email, May 25, 2019)


Enjoyable and rewarding continued education

I couldn’t recommend Chris’ mentorship more. Why he isn’t charging more money for this, I’m not entirely sure but take him up on it before he does! The information is structured well, builds nicely upon itself month on month and culminates in a relatively thorough overall understanding of exercise physiology and how to manipulate it. I’m pretty sure Chris is part cyborg at this point because his ability to deftly remember the smallest nuances within a large variety of exercise topics is almost inhumanly impressive. In short, it’s been one of the most enjoyable and rewarding period of continued education I’ve been through in the 10 years I’ve been a personal trainer. – Paul (by email, 11 December 2019)


Educating and enlightening

Chris is well known in the strength and conditioning community for his excellent infographics: just enough information within a single frame that allows you to learn on the fly, and makes you want to research further. The amount of organization and detail put into this mentorship program built upon that concept and was both educating and enlightening. It speaks to Chris's dedication to his craft, his vast knowledge base, and his ongoing quest to uncover the intricacies that lie within the human body.

After every call with Chris (and this is no embellishment), there was always an "aha" moment: one piece of information that seemed to jump out at me which allowed me to easily implement with my clientele, as well as myself. I would recommend this mentorship to both the beginner and the experienced, as there is something for all throughout the experience. – Adam Kania (by email, 2 December 2019)


An incredibly valuable course

I cannot express how valuable this course was for me. At times, it was like trying to drink water from a fire hydrant of information! Chris is on top of his game and will help you become on top of yours. No matter where you are in your S&C knowledge, from the beginner looking for direction to the most seasoned of coaches, do this course! Eternally grateful. – Jared (by email, 16 December 2019)


Translates complex sports science into digestible information

In his mentorship program, Chris does a masterful job of translating very complex sports science concepts into digestible information that any strength training enthusiast, coach, or movement professional can understand and apply. I feel very thankful to have a whole new perspective on this topic that is informed by the most current research in this field thanks to Chris! – Jenni Rawlings (by email, 17 December 2019)


A great interactive learning experience!

I work in the health industry and have participated in a number of professional development activities. Out of everything I have completed so far, this was by far the most valuable. Chris delivers well structured and easy to follow content over the period. He is an effective educator and is able to make difficult concepts easy to understand. I found him easy to listen to and extremely engaging. Even though his sessions were well structured, he took the time to answer my questions, which were sometimes quite abstract to the subject matter.

When the mentorship was complete, I found that I had a much deeper understanding of the science behind improvements in muscle growth and strength. I would highly recommend this mentorship to anyone who works in the fitness industry and those who want to know more about their own strength and conditioning and how to program it. – Braydon (by email, 8 December 2019)


What you learn will help you improve your training programs

Wow. That was a great learning experience, Chris! I just read the stuff, asked my questions, applied all new insights and boom … I see cool progress even after almost 25 years of strength training experience. Thanks for being so awesome! – Bozhidar Batev (by email, May 25, 2019)


Seek a deeper understanding of strength and conditioning

To better understand strength and conditioning, one must wrestle with concepts that are counter-intuitive, multi-factorial, difficult to conceptualize, or some combination of all three. Chris possesses the uncommon skill of being able to explain these concepts understandably without sacrificing nuance. I can't recommend this mentorship highly enough. For those seeking a deeper understanding of strength and conditioning, this is the next step. – Zachary Roth (by email, November 21, 2019)


Learn how to apply research to training your athletes

If you are in the world of S&C you would have come across Chris's work. He applies science to practice giving great takeaways for the real world. I saw the infographics, then read his books. Chris's mentorship is the next step up. Logically ordered and structured, this is a great opportunity to learn about how to apply research to training your athletes straight from the horse's mouth. So much great content. Incredibly thought provoking. It has really helped me raise my game and deliver strength and programs at a different level. Thanks! – Dave (by email, November 21, 2019)


Learning this information will save you a lot of time

Researching, filtering through, and learning the new information to improve my knowledge and coaching skill set have always been a priority for me. One of the challenges in this is the time it takes to go through this process. I appreciate the experience of working with Chris Beardsley as this provided me with an immense volume of detailed and valuable information that I have been able to take right into my program design. – Chris (by email, December 30, 2019)


Although the material covered is complex, it is still easy to understand

I’ve been very fortunate to be a part of this mentorship program with Chris. He’s truly an outstanding teacher, able to take complex ideas on training and present them in a very simple-to-learn fashion. Everything he teaches is backed by literature and research studies, which allows for the ability to read through the research yourself and dive into even more concepts. So much of how I program is reflective of concepts I’ve learned from others and applied to the field of baseball. He has been a huge source for me. I highly recommend hopping on a Skype call with him and reading his work for any coach or aspiring athlete looking to carve their own way! – Bill Miller (on Instagram, 21 May 2019)


You would be crazy to pass up this opportunity

I cannot even begin to express the far-reaching impact Chris Beardsley’s Mentorship Program has had on me as a coach and life-long learner.

We live in a day and age where athletic performance training is mandatory for anyone looking to excel at the highest level of their sport. As coaches, we can no longer simply program random sets, reps and exercises hoping for the best possible outcome without using valid research and science to back up our claims. Our athletes deserve better.

If you want to have the best possible information at your disposal to train your athletes, you have to go directly to the research, directly to the science and that is exactly what Chris exposes you to during the Mentorship Program.

In order to put your athletes in the best possible position to maximize their potential, it is imperative to understand critical concepts such as: specificity, the force-velocity relationship, the length-tension relationship, eccentric training, progressive overload, fatigue management and high-threshold motor unit recruitment. You will not find this information in a traditional academic setting or on your favorite fitness website.

Now I know what you are thinking, ”I already know what progressive overload and eccentric training entails.” You might think you already know, but I can assure you, you do not.

One final and very critical point to mention is that you will not meet a more genuine, kind and caring individual than Chris. He has a great sense of humor, is very down to earth and routinely goes out of his way to ensure the greatest well-being of his students. You will not find a more knowledgable individual in the Strength & Conditioning field, nor will you find a better human being. That, I know for a fact.

Chris is a coach, mentor, role model and dear friend.

You would be crazy to pass up this opportunity. – Barrett (by email, May 28, 2019)


Whether you are a beginner or an expert, it is very worthwhile!

When I first saw that Chris Beardsley was offering a mentorship opportunity, I was hesitant to pull the trigger on it immediately. I routinely evaluate these decisions based on an opportunity cost because time is my most valued and limited commodity.

I am a full-time coach and master’s student, and have read both of Chris’s books, his Medium articles, and I read his monthly research review. This made me question the value of this service to me, because I felt how much more could I gather from speaking with him when I already felt so versed in his work versus what I could gain by reading other material. However, I felt Chris would not offer this unless he thought it could bring value to others. I decided to commit and spend the time and money on this venture.

It was well worth the investment.

This mentorship is for you if either of the following apply. If you consider yourself a subject matter expert and wish to set yourself apart from your peers. If you wish to understand on the deepest and most fundamental levels how training adaptations occur in order to solve novel problems presented to you through different client scenarios.

I thought this might be too basic of an introductory experience for me, but Chris did a great job of meeting me where I was at and challenging me to work through more difficult thought experiments in our discussions. This is not meant to deter new coaches who do not understand his work, I think Chris can meet anyone where they are at and give them value. He is as gifted as a mentor/instructor as he has shown himself to be as an author and researcher.

I do not know how to praise and promote this opportunity enough. Invest in yourself and do it – Robert Taylor (by email 2 June 2019)


Well worth the investment!

For a person unfamiliar with basic strength or muscle hypertrophy science, the mentorship program is an immersion into the most recent and relevant research on the topic that could save students of the subjects significant time in their education and so, in my opinion, is well worth the investment. Chris has a prepared lecture on the topics that he shares via a live Skype session during which at any time you can ask questions.

For individuals well familiar with the topics, the mentorship program presents an opportunity to question Chris in more detail about his research, how he arrived at his views, and how his views may compare/contrast with similar or opposing views. My impression after the mentorship is that there is a great deal more to learn about the topics Chris has written about and shared freely on the internet and thus very knowledgeable individuals can have very detailed, tailored discussions with Chris during the sessions. Each session can become a unique conversation geared to the individuals interest and level of expertise.

The implications of the research discussed in the mentorship program on training and coaching are quite significant for improving strength, sport or hypertrophy outcomes, and Chris does often offer a unique perspective or view of the research. In evidence of this, during my mentorship Chris Beardsley's writings became a central topic of discussion and debate among other prominent researchers in several blogs, podcasts and YouTube videos. Based on my findings, Chris's work is very well-respected, and often cited by others in the strength and exercise community.

I don't know of any comparable mentorship program and would certainly recommend participating if one plans to devote significant time to the topics of strength, exercise and hypertrophy training. – Jose M. Rodriguez (by email, 9 November, 2019)


The cost for all ten modules is USD $1,499. This is billed in two instalments, as follows:

  • Instalment one: 50% (USD $750) after the first call
  • Instalment two: 50% (USD $749) between the fifth and sixth call (halfway point)


Payment details are provided by invoice over email after the first Skype video call. Currently, I prefer bank transfers within the UK and PayPal outside of the UK.



It is possible that some professional organizations may regard the mentorship course to be classifiable as continuing professional education, such that you may be able to get funding from them. Indeed, this is becoming increasingly a possibility as more and more people become aware of the existence of this course and its quality.

However, please note that I am not currently able to invoice the organization directly. So if you do intend to make use of any external funding for the course, please check in advance with your organization if they require this.



If, after the first Skype video call, you decide that the mentorship program is not going to be the right fit for you, you can simply choose not to make the first payment, and you can then walk away without paying anything. So there is literally no risk in you making an appointment to have the first Skype video call!

Similarly, if you decide that five video calls has provided more than enough detail about how strength training works for one lifetime, you can stop after the first five calls, and only pay for the first half of the course.


Sounds great, sign me up!

That's great! I am looking forward to talking to you!

If you would like to take part, please email me at chris (at) sandcresearch.com

In the couple of weeks leading up to the start of the mentorship intake, I will send you [1] the link to a scheduling website to book the appointment for your first Skype video call, and [2] my Skype username, so you can add me straight away.

Please note that the course is ONLY deliverable through Skype (with an exception for those living in countries where Skype is not accessible, in which case Element works). Please do not wait until your first call and then ask me to use Zoom because you do not normally use Skype. Skype is not difficult if you just take the time to install it.

Please note that there are two intakes each year and Chris will be in a very different time zone for each of them. In January, he will be in GMT-4 (which makes it favorable for Australia and New Zealand, the Middle East, the EU and the UK). In July, he will be in GMT+3 (which makes it favorable for the USA, Canada, and South America). When you receive the link for signing up, you will be able to see the hours of availability for the next intake. If they do not work for you, consider delaying to the next intake.

The next intake of the mentorship course willl run in July 2024 (most likely starting in the second week). Please email me right away if you are interested because the number of available spaces will be smaller this year.