Knowing the science of strength training will help you write better programs for yourself, your clients, and the athletes you train.


The S&C Research Review is a full color, digital magazine that covers the latest research into sports and exercise science. It costs just $10 per month and typically spans 70 pages. Published by Strength and Conditioning Research Limited, and written by Chris Beardsley, each edition is released on the first day of each month, when a download link to the full color PDF is made available in the patron-only feed on Patreon.

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Each edition covers 10 new studies, which are each analyzed to bring out the key points, and help you build your own mental model of how strength training works.

It is divided into three topic areas:

  1. Strength training
  2. Athletic performance (sprinting, jumping, and changing direction)
  3. Hypertrophy (muscle growth)

The main focus of each study review is on understanding *why* different methods of strength training produce different adaptations that enhance maximum strength, athletic performance or muscle growth, so that you can use the knowledge to improve your own training programs.

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