1. Comparing the effects of training with the Nordic curl and the Razor curl
  2. Assessing the effects of Nordic curls on sprint running ability
  3. Comparing the recovery rates of strength-trained males and females
  4. Recording muscle growth after only two weeks of flywheel squat training
  5. How do wide and narrow stance squats differ?
  6. Why does maximum strength increase more than muscle size after training?
  7. Assessing the effects of a looped band around the thighs during back squats
  8. Measuring the muscle activation of the prime movers in the bench press
  9. Comparing the effects of eccentric training and foam rolling on flexibility
  10. Comparing the deadlift performed with and without a bounce
  11. Exploring the effects of cluster sets during lower body power training
  12. Comparing the effects of weighted and unweighted jump training
  13. Do baseline strength and muscle size affect gains after strength training?
  14. Is strength training really the same as motor skill training?
  15. Effects of training a two-joint muscle at each joint on strength at each joint
  16. Effects of cluster sets on increases in maximum strength and athletic ability
  17. Assessing whether recovery takes longer after training to failure
  18. Comparing muscle forces in the good morning, deadlift, and split squat